Monday, March 30, 2009

Drama Club Show and Potato Chips, Birthdays and Cupcakes... {eat}

putnam-cupcakes.jpgThat pretty much sums up the week end!  Lake Avenue Elementary School put on their fourth annual Drama Club show.  This year's production was called "Curtain Call".  Thanks to some very dedicated and talented moms {oh and patient too!} the show was a success.  Bravo to the directors and all the kids {121 in total} who did an amazing job acting, singing, and dancing their hearts out.  The audience adored you!  You left us wondering what next year will bring...  The show was set in George Crum {Saratogian inventor of the Potato chip} Middle School.  Go chips!  The musical wrapped up on Saturday.  We had aspiring actors to celebrate and a couple of birthdays too.  We went home, fired up the grill, enjoyed the 70 degree weather and finished off the celebration with mouthwatering cupcakes which were appropriately topped off with a chocolate covered potato chip {who doesn't love that salty-sweet pairing?} from Putnam Market {435 Broadway}.

Have a sweet week!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Enhancement Concludes With Many Thanks!


{photos by Niki Rossi Photography}

 OH! How I hate to see a party end...  But, here we are at the end of the week and the end of Margyt's Enhancement Celebration.  I cannot end without saying a HUGE thanks to Margyt!  Without you none of this would have been possible and my exposure has grown thanks to your courage, humor, patience, faith in me, beauty {inside and out} and most of all your friendship.  A special thanks to Amy Snider for allowing all this to take place in her beautiful Spa Cascada.  My dear friend, Maria, who worked behind the scenes and made Margyt's hair look fabulous.  Much appreciation to Cindy Shaw from for the yummy appetizers, Jordy Baker from for supplying us with gorgeous green floral art, Amber LaPointe from for her brillant eco friendly candles, Sara Vaccarielli from {see special promotion from March 23rd post} for allowing us to borrow some of her sparkling gems, all the amazing boutique owners in town for offering a wide range of quality merchandise to choose from, and last but not least Niki Rossi - your pictures helped to capture the night, Margyt's new look and attitude in an artistic light and I THANK YOU for that and truly applaud your talent.

I love this town!


Finale Dress!!! {enhancement}

margyt 80 west dress 1.jpg

{photo by Niki Rossi photography}

Everyone needs a new dress this season.  Why not embrace a trend?  This season's trend is long with feminine ease and floral watercolor prints.  This dress is perfect for Margyt's free spirit style.  I paired the dress with chandelier earrings and dainty bangles on her wrist.  She's ready for all the events the Spring and Summer seasons bring to Saratoga!

{Dress and earrings from 80 West.  Bangles from Banana Republic}

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cosmos with the Girls! Margyt's 4th and 5th Looks! {enhancement}

Margyt cosmos with the girls outfit 1.jpg

margyt aggies top front.jpg
Margyt Aggies top back.jpg

{Photos by Niki Rossi Photography}

The week is over.  It's time to leave the boys behind and go out with the girls.  These two outfits work perfectly for ordering a cocktail, dishing about life, and having some laughs. 

The first ensemble is a silk embellished halter top. Embellishments are a big trend this Spring - look for them on tops, dresses, shoes and bags.  Margyt is ahead of the trend with this flirty top!  The plum short sleeve wrap works beautifully with the wide leg trousers and adds some color against the muted tones.  We added some strappy sandals, a bold bracelet and simple earrings and the look is complete!

{Halter top, wrap, bracelet and earrings are from 80 West.  Trousers from Talbots} 

The second ensemble is a funky but perfectly draped top paired with Margyt's new great fitting jeans.  The top says it all and will surely turn some heads. Cosmo. anyone???  

{Top, jeans, and necklace from Aggie's Boutique}


Monday, March 23, 2009

Enhancement Continues with Margyt's Third Look

Margyt dinner with clients 1.jpg
Margyt dinner with clients 3.jpg
Margyt dinner with clients 2.jpg

twinke-studio box resized.jpg{Photos by Niki Rossi Photography}

Feminine, yet sexy and stylish.  This trio, in perfect balance, is what Margyt achieved when we put together this ensemble.  The cap blue top along with the pencil skirt plays up her curves without revealing too much.  It's sliming and sophisticated.  The accessories are the finishing touch.  Simple stylish gold drop earrings, a long gold pendent necklace, stunning cocktail ring and a zebra clutch exude the confidence this girl has!

Don't hide your voluptuous figure under baggy frocks!  When clothes are tailored and fit well on the body the effect is sliming and very pleasing to the eye - just ask her husband!  This is where SPANX comes in handy.  Everyone from every size can benefit from these babies!  Your confidence will shine knowing those bothersome bumps and lumps are under control...  

{Pencil Skirt and top from Violet's, earrings and cocktail ring from, necklace from Aggie's, clutch from Talbot's}

SPECIAL OFFER for all DTSB a local designer who takes vintage jewelry and reworks them to make very cool mod pieces is offering two specials to readers of this blog.  1.) Free earrings with any purchase 2.) Free glass jewelry holder with purchases over $50.00.  All you need to do is put "Downtown Susie Brown" in the notes sections during the transaction.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Second "After" Look ... PTA Mom {enhancement}

PTA mom 2.jpg
PTA mom 1.jpg
pta mom 3.jpg
enhancements food 1.jpg

{Photos by Niki Rossi Photography}

Margyt can't always be sporting the rocker look.  So, on thos occassion when she must embrace the resposibilities of being a mature adult, this is a no-fail classic look that should be a staple in everyone's wardrobe.  A classic white shirt, dark wide leg denim trousers, a trench coat, and ballet flats are the go-to items when a polished look is needed.  We topped it off with accessories that give a nod to Margyt's bohemian side.  Love the impact the scarf makes to finish off the outfit.

Every mom, whether working or stay-at-home can benefit from Cindy Shaw's, What is Cooking personal chef services.  She will make a home cooked {in her kitchen} meal and deliver it to your doorstep.  Weekly e-mails are sent out to let you know what's cooking that week.  No event is too big or too small.  Cindy sent over these yummy appetizers for my event, but has catered dinner parties, First Holy Communion brunch and Christmas parties for me in the past and they have always been amazing. 

 {Jeans and trench coat from Talbot's.  Ballet flats from from the Gap, Earrings from, Ring from 80 West and Scarf from Violet's}

Come back next week and see more looks unveiled!  Have a great week end and HAPPY SPRING!!!


Thursday, March 19, 2009

and after.... Rocker Mom, Margyt! {enhancement}

rocker mom1.jpg
rocker mom 3.jpg

rocker mom with friends.jpg
Rekindle 1.jpg

{photos by Niki Rossi Photography}

Margyt embraces her youthful and laid back spirit.  Let's face it, jeans and t-shirts are the stay-at-home mom's uniform.  The look doesn't have to be all about comfort and function.  It should show off your style and say something about you.  These impeccable fitting jeans paired with an edgy tee, amazingly soft and comfy shrug, hip gold boho earrings, and a bold gold ring subtly tells you Margyt is not about to exchange her urban flair for dowdy looks.

Invest in a great fittinng pair of jeans - trust me, it's worth the investment.  Why throw your money away on 5 poor fitting drab jeans when you can get a pair that fit you fabulously and you feel great in?  There are great choices out there - but you need to get fitted by knowledgable "masters" right here in town.

At the end of the day the Rocker Mom needs to chill out.  Get the kids to bed, pour a glass of wine, turn on some tunes, light some pretty scented candles, and read her favorite blogs.... 

{Jeans, t-shirt, and shrug from Aggie's Boutique.  Earrings and Ring from 80 West.  Candles from the very eco-friendly candle company, ReKindle}.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Enhancement Experience in Margyt's Words {before photos}

View image

I asked Margyt to do a write up on the experience, so I could share with you what she got out of this shopping adventure.  Here is what she had to say... In her words.

"It all started so innocently over pizza.  I was asking Ms. Downtown Susie Brown how her blog was developing.  She was bubbling over with creativity and mentioned the possibility of doing a make-over.  I was shocked to hear my own voice offering up my own fashion starved body.  The rest is history.

I was shortly thereafter immersed in a tsunami of scarves, bangles, and pencil skirts.  At first I was overwhelmed by terms which sounded so foriegn to me, ballet slippers, embellishments, SPANX???  I decided to put full trust in my talented friend Susan, whose attention to detail and style always impressed me... It took me downtown.

I learned at the feet of the master and she introduced me to other masters, right here in Saratoga, who knew?  I, a person who normally shunned sales people who asked if I needed help,  was taught to embrace them. The various sales staff I met downtown were delightful and very in tune with what was right for me. Susan took me out of my comfort zone without letting me lose my own identity.  Still not sure how she did it.  I did learn how much  pop a colorful ring, bracelet, or a zebra print clutch could add to an outfit. I did in fact learn about Spanx, this information should not be withheld from any woman {just be prepared to gasp when you open the package - one of our funnier moments}.  I met Maria, a fabulous hairstylist who taught me so much about my own curls, an incredible make up artist and esthetician, Amy Snyder from Spa Cascada, who showed me the true value of well kept eyebrows and blended concealer.

So, here I am a better {looking} Margyt. I may never be a true fashionista, but I do now realize the skill of dressing with fashion, flair and function is an art unto itself. My wardrobe is no longer fashion starved, rather my closet is well nourished. 

Thank you Susan and all the wonderful women I met downtown!"

You've now seen the before, come back and see the AFTER!



Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fashion Wisdom from Tim Gunn {Enhancement}

 I thought the best way to start off Enhancement Week{s} would be with some words of wisdom from Bravo's fashion guru, Tim Gunn.  Yes, I'm addicted to Project Runway and love Tim Gunn.  I use his "make it work" advice daily - don't you?  What impressed me the most was when he talks about shopping on a budget {Tim Gunn - a recessionista?}.  We are all budget conscience these days, but that doesn't mean only shopping sale racks and discount stores.  It means making wise decisions.  Fit, color, and lifestyle play an important role.  These are the areas I concentrated on with Margyt, my first enhancement victim.  She now not only has great staples to build on but pieces that reflect her personality and style.  Come back and see the results...

Carry on ...    

Friday, March 13, 2009

New Home


I am happy to announce that my blog will now be a part of  I am very excited about the new partnership and believe it is a perfect fit.  Same DTSB and web address {} just a new host... And they are very hospitable....

I am getting used to the new software, so bear with me while I work out the kinks {lots to do this weekend}.

Spring is coming and with it are lots of new trends and warm weather looks.  I'll let you know what they are and where to find them...DOWNTOWN.  Plus... Ever dream of being on "What Not To Wear?"  Well, that dream came true for a friend of mine.  OK, Stacey and Clinton didn't make it to town, but I don't think they would be dissappointed.  I made-over {I like to say enhanced as she was already beautiful but in need of some fashion guidance} a local Saratogian with the help of some friends {spa and hairstylist}.  We celebrated her unveiling last night!  Complete with a photographer, delicious food, wine, gorgeous flowers, beautiful scented candles, new jewelry, new clothes, and great friends!  I'll be posting about the event all next week!  Come back and see the results. More events like this are in the works for the future... Would you like to be enhanced???

{please feel free to make comments and rate posts - that way I know what you would like to see more of!}   

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Proud to be Irish ...


Dressing head-to toe in green on St. Patrick's Day is not your thing, but you are proud to be Irish and want to show it?  This is the perfect necklace for the you.  My girlfriend gave this to me for my birthday and I LOVE it.  She changed out the heavy silver chain for this black satin ribbon making it a cool choker .  The pendant has the Irish Blessing which is dear to me and so many American Irish.  Don't sacrifice your pride ot being Irish and your sense of style for looking like a leprechaun on St. Patty's Day!  {Celtic Treasures 456 Broadway} 

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wearing 'O the Green {St. Patrick's Day}


Accessorize your Irish Knit sweater with this cheeky ring. It's pretty, it's green, and you can wear it into spring! {Speck Boutique,353 Broadway}.


How pretty is this green silk tone-on-tone dress from Lily Bridal Boutique {6 Franklin Square}? Brides-to-be could embrace their Irish heritage and have their "girls" wear these. Add an Irish lace veil for the bride and you have a theme...


The perfect dish for your Corned Beef an Cabbage.  {Le Creuset Dutch Oven available at Compliments of the Chef, 488 Broadway}. 

Friday, March 6, 2009

Signs of Spring...

 1.) Birds ... OK they're on plates, but aren't they so pretty? Sure to brighten your mood and the colors will soften the table. I love that blue... Our feathered friends are popular now. You'll see them everywhere. Eventually even in the sky!!! {Shoe Depot on Broadway}

Gladiator Sandle from Spec - $22.gif

2.) Sandals. I saw them in the window at Speck. Yes, they carry shoes now. And at $22.00 you can work a trend and your inner gladiator without breaking the bank. {Speck Boutique on Broadway}.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

things that make ME happy.... {beauty}

balancing-lip-enhancement.jpg... green buds on the trees, the smell of lilacs, a warm {that means anything above 40 F} sunny day, and smooth lips. The first three may be a little while off, but the last one is attainable now {OK - it's a control thing}. I personally LOVE this product. I have forever suffered from dry chapped lips and our long winters don't help. If you are like me and have tried every product known to womankind and would prefer your lips to feel more like silk and less like sand paper - this product is for you! This little miracle tube is ultra-hydrating, reduces fine lines, and adds volume. Available at Spa Cascada, 487 Broadway 2 Floor.
An extra bonus...Tell the girls at Spa Cascada that DTSB sent you and receive 20% off you first spa treatment.

It's time to get ready for Spring!