Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Vintage Twist {Giveaway}

DTSB Original Earrings Designed with Twinkle-Studio.

The blue coral beads jumped out at me {I've always been a fan of blue coral - could it be a subliminal need for the sea?}. Paired with the brushed gold gave the nod to Tiffany and Audrey I was looking for. I'm loving the move back to gold accessories after so many years of silver and platinum dominance. These lovely earrings would be a nice touch of color to add to a camel colored cardigan or your LBD {little black dress}.

Make a comment on today's post and these dainty beauties could be yours. I will announce the randomly chosen winner of today's giveaway tomorrow - so don't be shy! You have to be in it to win it!!!

Check out Sara's blog today and post a comment to win the gorgeous matching bracelet. It has three strands of chunky brushed gold chains with a detachable coral and vintage charm that adds just enough sparkle. A versatile piece you won't want to take off! Get posting those comments... Now!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Dream Come True {Giveaways Return!}

I was a jewelry designer for a day {OK - so it really was only a couple of hours, but, hey - it's my dream...}. Sara Vaccarielli, designer and entrepreneur of Twinkle-Studio invited me over to her incredible studio to design a piece or two of jewelry. I'm proud to say I will be her featured "guest blogger" today on her blog {read it here}. I know, I know, you're thinking... soooo, what does this mean for me? It means you have a chance to win the gorgeous {if I do say so myself} bracelet and earrings I designed {with Sara's help. Do you think Karl and Donna do all the hard stuff themselves?}! Check out Sara's blog tomorrow to have a chance to win the bracelet {$68 value}. Come back here tomorrow to have a chance at the earrings {$42 value}. Leave a comment to enter to win!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Just Do It!

1.) Get out of bed {you're just tossing and turning anyway}.
2.) Put your work-out clothes on {if your looking for new ones, the Clothes Line has great gym clothes that can go from the Y to shopping without looking like you just rolled out of bed}.
3.) Go check out the new classes at the Y {I did the yogalates class this morning - 6:00 a.m. - my family was shocked - even the dog was confused}.
4.) Get a schedule. That's what I'm trying to get back to. I have a a family and a house to run! A blog to write! A Shopping event to plan {mark your calendars for November 6th and 7th. Details to follow}! My runs were eating up too much of the day - so the work-out must be moved to when I'm just tossing and turning...

Let's get Ripped on Thursday. No, I'm not talking about bar-hoping on Caroline Street. It's another new class I plan on checking out this week! See you there?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Gift Ideas for the Fashionista in your Life {local Etsy shops}

Holly Golightly - the Fashionista Icon.
{12x12 acrylic pop art style painting based on the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's" by Natalie Sena. Check out her Etsy shop goldenelephant for more great art}
What fashionista doesn't love a peep toe pump? Best of all... This one looks great and won't hurt after wearing it alllll night!
{By AnOriginalJewelry visit her Etsy store or website for more details}

Every Fashionista wants to be in Paris or must live like she is. These great note cards by FantasticFigments on Etsy will let her do just that.
What is Etsy? It's "your place to buy and sell all things handmade". You can search locally if you want to check out local artist or go far beyond. It's a place for designers and artists to showcase their art or designs and sell to people who appreciate one-of-a-kind pieces.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dress your inner Peggy or Joan or Betty...

The girls from Mad Men. Love this Show. Love the vintage 60's looks.

Lioness Boutique offers vintage shopping for all you girls searching to find that unique dress, coat, bag, belt, top, hat, jewelry or shoes. Why wear the same mass marketed dress that everyone else can buy? C'mon.... You're more creative then that! Find something special and make it your own. So, if your looking for a sparkling brooch from the 50's, a killer sheath from the 60's, or cool leather jacket from the 70's - check out Lioness Boutique. I love how Maria has set up her boutique. It has a chic vintage vibe with a mod twist. No musty smell. No clutter. Just a classy place to get inspired and dress uniquely.

Maria is cleaning house. Her store became more consignment than vintage. She craves more vintage pieces but can't do it until she reduces her consignment inventory {Citizen, 7 for All Mankind, Jimmy Choo, Gucci}. Recessionistas LISTEN UP!! She is having a store wide sale this coming weekend - Friday September 25th, Saturday September 26th, and Sunday September 27th from 11 am to 6 pm each day. 40 -50% OFF EVERYTHING... That Jimmy Choo bag is so mine!

I'm off to see what the Draper's, Peggy, Joan, Roger and Pete are up to this week... Will Betty loose her mind now that she has 3 little ones or just smoke more? Please tell me Don will leave the teacher alone!! Will Sterling and Cooper survive the take over? Does Peggy jump ship? And how many Emmy's will they win tonight???

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

3 Kids + 1 Husband + Blog + House + Dog + Me = Time to get Organized

I'm all for my smart phone and google calendar - but sometimes {a lot of times} I just gotta' write it down! This binder by Russell and Hazel from PaperDolls of Saratoga lets me do just that in a very cool and stylish way {v. important}. Love the black and white mod binder, but the accessories is what keeps me on top of who needs what, where and when. Or, where did I see that great top? What website did she say to check out? I needed what at Price Chopper? His appointment is when? You get the idea. They have great inserts for the binder to make it work for you and your needs. Card holders, calendar, line paper, graph paper, recipe pages and much more. Get some school supplies of your own, get organized, and look good doing it!
Check that off the list...

Monday, September 14, 2009

Leggings, oversized sweaters, one shoulder tops, & Fame

You guessed it. The Eighties are Baaaaaack! If you lived it the first time - it's best to leave the neon brights, Madonna bracelets, and little knit leggings to the under 20 crowd. I'm all for embracing trends - but must draw a line when I'm dressing like my 10 yr. old {she looks great in the bright little hoop earrings and leggings... me on the other hand - I wore that when I saw the Go-Go's in '82}. One way for us 80's survivors to tackle the trend without looking like we are trying to relive the glory days is to wear slim dark denim leggings by J Brand. Gwen wasn't strolling Broadway this week, but if she were, she could have found these great fitting jeans {they have a waist band, zipper and pockets!} at Aggie's Boutique. I plan on pairing these denim leggings with a long white ruffle shirt and belt.

Is this a trend you can embrace?

Friday, September 11, 2009

This Little Blogger went to the Market...

In her new Paige Denim boyfriend jeans {found at Violet's}...
Get your stylin'-eco-self to the Farmers Market on Saturday {from 9-1}! It is overflowing with harvest goodies.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mornings... {things that make Me happy}

This print by Made By Girl made me smile. It pretty much sums up my mornings. Now that we are back on a schedule I wake up before the house starts bustling, grab a strong cup of joe and start getting inspired by the many great blogs there are out there. I can get so lost in the cleverness each one offers. The creativity in pictures, art, fashion, decorating, and writing is endless and has made me appreciate how much talent every day people have. We are so lucky to have this blogging tool to share with one another {our cyber community}. So, I was thrilled when this print arrived in the mail and I quickly got it framed {not as lovely as above - but it works for me and my developing office}. I've added more blogs to my Blog List. So grab a cup of coffee and go get inspired!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Back to School {Blogging} Uniform

The hip is replaced {husband}. New clothes, sneakers, and shoes {for the girls} are bought. Pencils, glue, hand sanitizer {no swine flu, please}, notebooks, crayons, rulers, etc. are packed away in new backpacks. It's back to school, back to good health for my family, and back to blogging for me. I look forward to hitting the streets now that Rachel won {filly power!}, summer is over, my husband is on the road to recovery and the girls are back learning the three R's. High on my shopping list this Fall? Boyfriends. Blazers and Jeans - that is. I'm due for a replacement of my own. New jeans and a new hip blazer should do the trick. Join me as a start my second year as Downtown Susie Brown {read first post here} and continue to hit the downtown streets in search of the trends, unique gifts, great clothes and shoes, home accessories and whatever else I may find to share with you!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

NYC has nothing on DTSB!

My dream has come true. I have started a trend. We in the Spa City are ahead of the Big City. I mean c'mon! We've done this twice already!!! Who called Anna Wintour and didn't tell me? But, when it's a good idea, it's a good idea. I'm glad they caught on. No, I don't have a shopping night planned on the 10th {anyone up for a road trip to Manhattan?}, but stay tuned for some great Fall events to come.