Friday, August 28, 2009

Hip Replacement

Today my husband goes in to have his hip replaced, but hopefully his coolness will remain! I'm confident it will. In the meantime while I'm sitting in the waiting room and in between rosaries, I plan on leafing through the September Vogue {can't wait to see the above movie}. We all will need to focus on replacing our summer hip looks with fall hipness... I will help you find the Fall trends... DOWNTOWN! It's time for us all to have a hip replacement...

Where has DTSB been?

The girls and I took a road trip downstate for a few days to visit my very good and very accommodating friends. The girls enjoyed the pool and the Long Island Sound while I caught up up with my gal pals.

Back to school shopping. Picked these cute ensembles up at Ms. Scarlett. They insisted on going to their new favorite downtown store.

Something for them... Something for.... my friend {tricked ya' - it's not all about me} who just celebrated a birthday . She has a keen eye and likes to mix bold pieces with traditional cuts {she stays true to her interior design style and background}. I value her friendship and her style. She has amazing taste and a great flare for life. Happy Birthday, Carolyn!

Let's not forget it's Travers Weekend! How great would these dresses by Millie found at Hunt Ltd. be? Topped off with the great {but so coolly understated} hats by Jennifer Hoertz? LOVE her hats. Show how in-the -know you are by wearing one of her very metropolitan hats.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sleep like a Royalty on Your Stay-cation...

No hotel stay for me this summer {and I'm sure I'm not alone}. No Ritz Carlton's, no Hilton's, no Marriott's, no Ramada Inns {opps... yes there was one for a night - yippeee!?? Not}. I can just feel the pity. Instead of the woe is me mentality {trust me I can easily go there} - I'm making my bedroom the hotel suite my husband and I can look forward to being in every night {get your head out of the gutter - this is a classy blog}. Antara Home on Spring Street is making that task an easier one. Raj has brought his gorgeous Italian linens north {from Albany} for the month and offering them at a 50 - 70% discount! Who needs the Ritz when you can have Italian made 720 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets in beautiful patterns that only the Europeans can dream up? I'm hoping Raj and his beautiful stock will fall in love with Saratoga, bring up more fine home furnishings, and STAY!
Sweet dreams, stay-cationers - I know I will!

Monday, August 17, 2009

What's a Girl to do on Dark Tuesday?

1.) Get her nails done.
2.) Go shopping.
3.) Do both.
Check out the Staci Snider Trunk Show happening at Spa Cascada from 10-6 {50% off everything}. While your there treat your aching feet to a spa pedicure by Ashley. Those stilettos are killer.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Saratoga Summer Daze

A sea of guests, the track, the pool, soirees, fund raisers, the ballet, concerts and the orchestra at SPAC. Barbeque's, picnics, and polo. I love it all. Take it in and enjoy it all. Top it off with all the mother/wife duties {food must be bought and prepared, laundry done, chauffeur the girls to play dates, various lessons,etc}. It can be exhausting yet exhilarating! Remind me of this in February when hibernation is in full swing! A typical summer day in the Spa City when the temperatures finally reach over 90 degrees? Take a look...

Breakfast at the track. No better way to start the day during racing season.

The paddock.

Check out the ponies {and the fashions - the neoveau riche to the blue bloods put on a show of their own} before you place your bets.

Ahhhh! Summer!!!

A refreshing dip in one of the local pools is always a treat after a hot day at the track.

Picnic at SPAC.

Watch the ballet or listen to music under the stars.

{love my tank from Violet's and a wrap by Wish Collection also found at Violet's is always packed in a bag for when the sun sets}

Stylin' babysisters...

The Conway girls makes getting to soirees, shopping, and maintenance a little easier.

{Liz, on left, in Lilly Pulitzer found at Pink Paddock, Sam, in the middle, in t-bags found at Aggie's and Kate in Forever 21}.

What a week!
Off to watch the season premier of Mad Men and a good night rest.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Calling all Babes of Babes!

{the girls are wearing Jen Jen Derby Dress and Tanks - horse racing themed fabric in classic silhouettes}
There's a new children's clothing store in town called Ms. Scarlett. It not only caters to children from baby to 12 years, but to their moms too. Offering cool designer jeans, rocker tees, and just coming in Fall line of jackets {feel in love with one that had very cool detailing in a great tweed for only 50 bucks - trust me it looks more like $500}, pants, hip blouses, bags, and funky jewelry. Another bonus - everything is offered at discount prices {you heard me right, recessionistas}. The owner and designer of the children's line Jen Jen, Jennifer Marcellus, is originally from Saratoga Springs. Jen and her family had been living and working in California. She decided to move back home after having her babe Scarlett to be closer to her family. She caters to Yummy Mummy's who want style and flare for their babes while not losing their own babe factor! Check out her boutique on Phila Street.
Jen Jen design on the cover of Parents Magazine this month.

For the Yummy Mummy!

Cool interior

Monday, August 10, 2009

Shopping Night Highlights!

Great LDB's at Speck where the night kicked off.

Future DTSB bloggers.

Go for it! Every girl needs a gladiator sandal - it's a summer must!

Beautiful artwork at Mimosa on Beekman Street.

Everything Saratoga at Impressions.

Mrs. America {a huge Rockabella fan} enjoyed the evening. We all enjoyed the end of the evening at Tiznow where we ate, drank, and danced to some Salsa music. Good Times!

Who needs Barneys when we have Aggies?
All the best designer names {t-bags, James Pierce, Diane Von Furstenberg, Shari Voce Jewelry, 7 for all Mankind, Citizens...just to name a few} and you don't have to drive 3 hours to get them.
Happy Shoppers!
Looking for Hudson Jeans, Kenzie, Tano bags, or Twinkle-Studio jewelry? Violet's is a must. Great fashions and a fun shopping atmosphere.

Laura {owner of Violet's} keeping stock of her amazing inventory!

For the gourmand!

A little pampering at Spa Cascada. Amy offered polish changes and free eyebrow waxing to the ladies!

This lovely model showed off designs by Staci Snider {clothing} Jennifer Hoertz {hats} all night in hourly fashion shows thrown at Spa Cascada.

Hunt Ltd. on Broadway offers designs by Milly, beautiful tunics, cashmere wraps, and gorgeous straw hats and much, much more!

One dress, 25 different options. This dress is stylish and versatile - never wear it the same way twice! It's a knit dress that can be wrapped around to give you tons of different looks. Don't worry - it comes with directions!

We took over Tiznow and I gave away over $800.00 worth of prizes!

This first place winner won a $125.00 gift certificate to Hunt, a $75.00 gift certificate to Ann-Marie Flores Salon, and $75.00 gift certificate to Tiznow. She's all ready for a date on the town!

Another happy winner {one giveaway was a Picnic at SPAC Shopping Spree - $100.00 gift certificate to 80 West, $25.00 to Compliments to the Chef and $25.00 to Dawgdom - your pooch needs to look good too!}

....and another {she won the Cocktail Party giveaway - $10.00 to PaperDolls to get the invitations, $15.00 to Impressions to get some Cocktail Napkins or Kim Klopstock tapenade and $25.00 to Lucia to purchase something special for the night!}

...and another {Twinkle-Studio earrings}! More giveaways included gift certificates to the Clothes Line, Rockabella, Speck, Mimosa, the Local, gorgeous earrings from Shari Voce, one-of-a-kind hat by the very talented milliner Jennifer Hoertz who made the trip up from New York.

Thanks to all who participated in making this evening a true success.

A huge thanks to the shoppers and all their donations.

A special thanks to:








Clothes Line

Hunt Ltd.

Spa Cascada

Compliments to the Chef

Ann-Marie Flores the Salon

80 West


Mimosa Gallery

Haute Mama

Shari Voce
Heather Bohm-Tallman

Perfect Pouch Wear

Staci Snider

Jennifer Hoertz

Kim Purdy

Friday, August 7, 2009

Jeep + Lilly + Horses {Giveaway Winner Announced}

Equals one fun filled summer weekend in Saratoga.

Lilly and Jeep Wrangler, two American classics and summer favorites have combined to celebrate the Jubilee of Lilly Pulitzer. Yes, Lilly, turned 50 this year and is capping of the year-long celebration here in the Spa City. The event starts at the Gideon Putnam at 6:00 and Jeeps will be on hand to transport their Lilly fans between the Pink Paddock and the Gideon Putnam Hotel. The celebration continues all weekend at the Pink Paddock store and finishes at the Whitney Cup Tournament at Polo Sunday night.

Lilly, who 50 years ago was told to "get a hobby" {sounds familiar} has done much more then that! She has developed a classic summer look that is here to stay. Her zest for life is celebrated in her vibrant prints.

Grab your favorite Lilly dress and your Jack Roger sandals and join in on the fun!

The winner of this week's giveaway is...


with the comment "my little ones will love this!"


Have a great weekend. Shopping night highlights to come next week {had a photo issue this week :-) }

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

One Haute Mama {Giveaway Wednesday}

Cora Burns.
Creative, talented, stylish, smart, and one incredible mom. If you haven't heard yet, Cora gave birth to her 4th son on Monday August 3, at the fire station on Lake Avenue {read about it here}. Thanks to America's Bravest and her swift thinking friend Jinny {aren't girlfriends the best?}, Grahm Burns was born quickly {good news to Cora} and safely. How cool is that story for Grahm and his 3 older brothers? She and her new baby boy met up with Dad, Greg, at Saratoga Hospital where everyone is recovering nicely and trying to fathom the turn of events {not your everyday birthing plan!}.
This weeks Giveaway celebrates Grahm's birth and all the new little ones out there. The above Dragonfly Kimino set by Belabumbum and Frog Blanket by Angel Dear from the very hip maternity store Haute Mama {why didn't they have cool clothes like the ones Sarah Otto carries in her store when I was pregnant?}. Make a comment to enter to win. I'll announce the winner on Friday!!!
Another way to celebrate... PaperDolls {Cora is one of the owners of this treasure of a store} is offering 10% off if you tell them "Grahm sent me" at check out.
Can't get enough of these Giveaways? Here's a few more sites worth checking out for more giveaways.'s blog is offering a $150.00 gift certificate to, and Twinkle-Studio's blog has a giveaway on Thursday.
Post a comment to enter to win!
All the best to Cora and her family!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

My Shopping Night Purchase?

These lovely, feminine yet edgy, sandals by Pink Duchess sold at Lucia. I was able to release a little inner Carrie Bradshaw when I saw these while shopping last week. I'm thrilled that so many of the boutiques are now carrying great shoes {at reasonable prices} that are interesting and modern to go along with the clothes they have. But, wouldn't it be nice to have a whole store with a plethora of styles to choose from? Thanks to the Shoe Depot we have a selection of practical shoes... But, let's face it girls, we aren't always practical! We need heals, straps, zippers, peep toe, wedges, pumps, and color!!!

Any takers...?

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Week End Recap

Pretty hats at the track on Opening Day... The rain didn't deter Annette from wearing her Anne Sawyer Hat {a Kentucky Derby Favorite}.

After lunch at Deirdre's {an Opening Day tradition} the stylin' ladies head to the track for some betting!

Shopping Night was a huge success {thanks to this sassy shopper and 70 plus others and the participating stores and spas - more to come later in the week on this fun event that truly showed off the best that Saratoga has to offer}. Liz embraced the sales and all the amazing promotions our local stores and spas offered.

My little helpers dropping off my car load {back seats down and filled to the roof} of donations to B.E.S.T.

Julie Cobello, the Community Liaison Outreach Worker, receiving our donation.

I received an email from Julie after the girls and I dropped off our donation. I wanted to share it with all of you who made this event such a success. "Susan, I had some time this afternoon to organize the donations you brought. I hope you make sure to pass along to the readers of your blog, that their very generous support of the backstretch workers is much appreciated. We filled the shelves with toiletries and towels and blankets. The workers will be happy when we open the doors on Monday. I don't know how you heard about B.E.S.T., but we are really excited about being the recipients of your idea."

Caring for the people who care for the horses.

{there is a continued need for donations for the track workers all during the meet and beyond. They work with the horses and live here in Saratoga Springs until November. Warmer clothes for the colder months will be needed. If you are cleaning out those closets - remember B.E.S.T., 267 Union Ave.}