Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Calling all Babes of Babes!

{the girls are wearing Jen Jen Derby Dress and Tanks - horse racing themed fabric in classic silhouettes}
There's a new children's clothing store in town called Ms. Scarlett. It not only caters to children from baby to 12 years, but to their moms too. Offering cool designer jeans, rocker tees, and just coming in Fall line of jackets {feel in love with one that had very cool detailing in a great tweed for only 50 bucks - trust me it looks more like $500}, pants, hip blouses, bags, and funky jewelry. Another bonus - everything is offered at discount prices {you heard me right, recessionistas}. The owner and designer of the children's line Jen Jen, Jennifer Marcellus, is originally from Saratoga Springs. Jen and her family had been living and working in California. She decided to move back home after having her babe Scarlett to be closer to her family. She caters to Yummy Mummy's who want style and flare for their babes while not losing their own babe factor! Check out her boutique on Phila Street.
Jen Jen design on the cover of Parents Magazine this month.

For the Yummy Mummy!

Cool interior

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