Sunday, July 25, 2010

Opening Day Weekend = Bee..autiful Hats {and a little humor}!

{my track hat by Jennifer Hoertz. She designs whimsical yet stylish hats - I happen to love my flapper style with the cute little bee's flying around. Find one for yourself at Hunt, Ltd. or Barney's New York.

{played my lucky numbers today and WON!}

{my numbers? 6 and 1. And I won $161 on a $2 exacta box - weird - huh?}

{my daughter's favorite hat. It's good not to take yourself or your fashion too seriously. This stylin' lady was clearly having a fun time at the track and letting her personality shine through! Check out the Saratogian to see who wins the hat contest held at the track today}.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Classic Summer Look

Blue, White and YellowFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Blue, White and Yellow by downtownsusiebrown featuring Petit Bateau t shirts

I have always loved navy blue and white together {maybe it goes back to my uniform wearing days?}. So crisp and clean. So Classic. Go French and wear a sailor top {I found a great one at the Gap this week - they have tons of stripes right now}, and skinny jeans {I put dark denim above but white skinny jeans would look amazing as well!}. Or Preppy American - Navy and White Lilly Pulitzer dress {great window at Pink Paddock showing off all their lovely blue and white frocks}, and Jack Rogers {every girl needs a pair of these classic summer sandals found at Stella's or Pink Paddock}. Make the outfit pop with a bright and sunny yellow accessory. This Kate Spade bag is the perfect bag for either outfit. Red lips and red nails and you are ready for the track, polo, the ballet or concert at SPAC, lunch in town, cocktails poolside or wherever your summer plans lead you!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Girlfriends are gifts...

My very good friend, Carolyn, just gave me the above print for our new place in NYC. It is the perfect reminder for me, especially these days. Life {midlife} is NUTS! Marriage, kids, aging parents, getting ready to rent the house for a few weeks of track, setting up the apartment to be our home-away-from-home, worrying about the oil spill, the financial crisis, walking the dog, the heat, new schools for the girls {are they reading enough? are their math skills sharp enough for the competitive nature of NYC? Are they (am I) ready for all of that???}. Plus providing healthy meals, working out, and maintaining a spiritual life is enough to send the most sane person over the edge! I don't even have a full-time job outside the house, and only have 3 kids (I have sisters with as many as 8). So how do we stay sane? By keeping calm and girlfriends. My girlfriends, which include my sisters, are the ones I turn to especially during these times when I am feeling frightened and unsure of myself. They listen. They let me vent, whine, laugh, cry - whatever is needed at that moment. They share a good book, a cup of coffee, a run, or a much needed glass of wine by the end of the day. They make me see the humor and beauty in life and encourage me to take chances. They point out how precious our kids are, how important raising them is even if we may not feel like we are doing it well. So, THANK YOU to all my friends for keeping me calm and allowing me to carry on!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Drive In {the Outfit}

Drive InFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Drive In by downtownsusiebrown featuring Paige Denim jeans

Best to stay with the retro vibe and who does that better than Kate Spade {top} and Tory Burch {sandals - told you I love 'em}. Can't get too dressed up for the drive-in so I chose to wear them with my Paige Denim boyfriends {from Violet's of Saratoga}. A cardi {J.Crew} is a must when the sun goes down. Don't forget the homemade popcorn {I found re-usable containers in the classic popcorn motif at Target}, bug spray and blankets to snuggle in and on!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Let Summer 2010 Begin!

{made it through all the end-of-the-year craziness. Here is my very stylin' tween on her way to her 5th grade moving up party. Middle school here we come!}

{bff's snuggled up to watch...}

{a movie at Malta Drive-In Theater. A retro, yet very fun way to kick off the summer!}

{a very special treat at Ben and Jerry's to celebrate good report cards...}

{a half Vermonster.... Done!}

How have you kicked off your summer?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Loving my....

Tory Burch "Miller" Sandals. Unfortunately, I did not find them downtown Saratoga, but on a recent trip to Las Vegas. I'm a big fan of Tory Burch. Much of her inspiration comes from her {former actress} mother, Reva {which she named her very popular ballet flat after}. She plays tribute to her mom's exceptional style, love of travel and her socialite standing in many of her designs. The catch is... her price points are attainable to those of us who want to buy "designer wear" but at reasonable prices. You get quality and style. I've had my Reva Ballet Flats for... let's see... my youngest was in pre-school... 4 years! And counting. Looks like these Miller sandals will get me through a few summers.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Real Housewives of Saratoga Celebrate a Birthday and the Return of SATC!

OK - we are more than housewives... Artist, teachers, designers, sales women, lawyers, nurses, and most of all... moms - but hear us roar! We went out to celebrate the return of some old friends.... Samantha, Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte and the birthday of a very stylish local friend - Janet. The perfect night started at the Wilton Mall {who needs Vegas?}, followed by cosmos {of course} at Tiz Now and some nibblies at Bailey's. we did our best to not let the SATC girls down in the style department - Janet treated herself to a dress from Rent-the Runway, where you can rent a dress for a special occasion and it will only cost you $50.00. One friend referred to it as Janet's "net flix dress" - works about the same way!
Nothing like a night out with the girls!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Richard's Coming Out {Enhancement part 2}

Richard's new look would not have been complete without a visit to Ann Marie Flores' The Salon on Broadway. She took his shabby look and made it sleek and stylish.

Richard with Ann Marie and his "products" by Redken. Ann Marie enlightened Richard in the use of hair products to enhance his new hair style.

Richard greeted his guests in his "before" look {I told you he had a sense of humor}. A quick thank-you smooch for his personal stylist before the new Richard was let OUT OF THE CLOSET!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Richard's COMING OUT! {Enhancement - part 1}

Richard's new "drop off" ensemble is a welcome update. He's now a retro dad wearing black EB Tek pants from Eddie Bauer, a cotton zip sweater from Banana Republic and Adidas Samba Sneakers.

Cutting the Rug with his beautiful wife, Deborah. Richard made it clear that his clothes had to be stylish yet comfortable enough to wear dancing {another great love}. He and his wife currently dance with Tango Fusion Dance Company.

More amazing Tango Fusion dancers.

As a software developer, Richard doesn't have a big need for lots of stuffy suits and ties, but wanted a more put together casual look that he could wear when traveling. The khaki sport coat is from Macy's. Sweater, shirt, and jeans all from Banana Republic.

Every well dressed man needs at least one good suit. We got his at Brook Brother's. Tie from Jos. A Banks. Deborah {wearing a flirty dress from Violet's} is his best accessory.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Who is that Dapper Man??? {Enhancement}

{photo by Kim Purdy}
Could it be??? No - it can't be.... No sweats, no baggy jeans, no p.j. bottoms with a faded tee??? No one could believe it... But it happened... I transformed Richard.

It was a great night of new stylish looks, dancing, cocktails, laughs, good friends and an enhanced Richard.

Stay tuned for all the sartorial fun...

Monday, April 19, 2010

things that make ME happy.... {beauty}

My new Dermalogica Lip Renewal Complex and Multivitamin Hand and Nail Treatment. These two products have made me very happy. Dry skin has plagued me my whole life. I am constantly looking for a product that will help my sorry Irish, raw red dry hands {pretty - huh?} get the relief they are so craving and I believe I have found it. I've been using it for a week. I am hooked. A little bit goes a long way. I'm also loving the Lip Renewal Complex which really delivers. This has been part of my make-up routine for a couple of months now. It smooths those fine lines around my lips, plumps them up a tad, and keep my lips soft and smooth all day. No more cracked leaky lipstick lips here! Under lipstick or alone - it's a great product to protect your lips from the elements and take a few years off your appearance! Available at Ann- Marie Flores' The Salon, 492 Broadway.

{Just so I'm clear - you are clear... This is purely editorial on my part. This is not a paid endorsement. Everything on DTSB is solely my opinion or the opinion of the guest bloggers. If ever it is a paid endorsement I will list it with the title as "dedicated post"}.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

On The Street with a legend!

It was a uniquely New York moment. Seeing Bill Cunningham on the street. Surreal. I've started many Sunday mornings with the "womens sports page" a.k.a. the NY Times Style section. Now I enjoy the video stream of Bill's "On the Street" photos on the Times website where he highlights the trends he saw while working the beat the prior week.

Mr. Cunningham has been capturing fashion's elite along with the trickle up who walk New York's streets for 50 years. This man is a fashion legend. An icon. At 80 plus years he still rides his bike, takes his photos, and lives his passion. An inspiration. He was generous and interested in my girls. He pointed out Carnegie Hall to them (where he resides in an apartment on top - soon to be converted to music classrooms - I wondered where that would leave him). Telling them it used to be a very bohiemian place to live with lots of artists.

He is now the subject of a documentary, Bill Cunningham New York, which I am anxious to see.

He was gracious, interesting, and patient while I snapped pictures of him. While my dream of meeting him was fullfilled - my other dream of being in the NY Times Style section went unfullfilled. Another important lesson - to be humble while living your dream.

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Monday, April 5, 2010

Future fashionistas {proud mama?!}

What have I created? But, oh my, how cute are they?

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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How do you solve a problem like....{Enhancement}

{Richard sporting one of his more sophisticated looks?!?!}
...Richard. Husband, father, software designer, dancer, and fashionably challenged. Try this for a visual.... PJ bottoms, Life is Good tee, over sized 10 year old {I'm being generous here... might be 20 year} ski jacket, Doc Martins {from the 80's - yes cool, yet old}, disheveled hair, & a coffee cup. This is at school pick up. The best part of that ensemble? The coffee and his personality. Thanks to Richard's Southern charm it will make this style enlightenment so much easier.
Let the games begin!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Latest Bling...

I had a wedding to go to a few weeks ago. I planned on wearing my LBD - but wanted to spice it up a bit. I remembered seeing the above lovelies at Silverado. Perfect.... I now had a reason to splurge! Why is it we ladies need a reason to treat ourselves to something special? I did all the female psycho analysis. Do I need {translation: deserve} these? I did have some conservative hoops or pearls to wear - but, hey! I didn't buy a new dress {more rationalization}, I got my shoes at Marshalls {pre-Stella's} and I don't go to weddings at the Carlyle {in NYC} that often {ever}. So, even though Mother's Day is around the corner, I decided to go for it. And guess what? They not only go with my LBD - but look great with my new David Kahn jeans {from Violet's} paired with my black jacket {from Aggie's} and a white tee {by Vince from Aggie's}. Come to think of it these babies would look good with ANYTHING. Why? Because they are made by a Parisian designer {Catherine Popesco}... And we all know how well those Parisians dress. They can take a basic outfit and turn into something spectacular. Their secret is kick butt accessories. Jewelry, handbags, shoes, etc. So during these rough economic times when you can't splurge on a new outfit - don't skimp on the accessories. They stand out and make an impact. Plus you can get miles of wear out of them long after the big event....

and sometimes we just have to treat ourselves....

Let there be SHOES!

Finally our inner Carrie Bradshaw can be released. We Saratogian Fashionistas can stroll down Broadway, gaze into the window at Stella's {494 Broadway} and fall in love... with a pump, a wedge, or a sassy sandal. Stella's opened this past week end just in time for Spring {fever}. Thank you, Laura Farrar {yes, the same Laura who owns another DTSB favorite - Violet's}, for hearing our cry and filling a major void. I personally loved the above sandals by Sam Edelman - great colors and textures. You will also find Cole Haan, Jack Rogers {a classic, must have sandal}, Nina, Frye, Seychelles, and much more!
"It's really hard to walk in a {single} woman's shoes - that's why you sometimes need really special shoes!" - Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City.

Monday, March 1, 2010


How cool are these? I stumbled upon these while catching up on some of my favorite blogs over the weekend. These gloves were featured on Daily Candy. Check out the site along with the video featuring the renowned glove designer, Daniel Storto, from our neighboring town... Gloversville, NY. I fell in love with them because of the cool/sleek design, the fact that a big time designer chose to stay true to his roots and family's trade in a small Upstate NY town {very Euro}, the $25.00 price tag, and the fact that there is still snow on the ground! I need to add a bit of glamour to what is becoming very glum! These gloves are a favorite of the late Alexander McQueen, Bob Mackie, and Derek Lam to name a few . Plus they bring back found memories of playing with my mom's gloves when I was a kid {the girls are going to looove these}, will look so cool with my LBD, and again release my inner Mad Men style that I'm crazy for these days...

Happy Monday...

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Unpacking {bye bye white sand, hello white snow}

Had a great vacation in Mexico wearing my Lilly bathing suit from the Pink Paddock and various outfits from Aggie's, Violet's and my old favorite 80 West (miss that store). Will be back blogging next week!

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Friday, February 12, 2010

We Are The World {Help Haiti this Valentines Day}

It is the 25th anniversary of the original "We Are The World" song and video. All proceeds went to help Africa. They raised $67 dollars. I loved the original song written by Michael Jackson and sung by all the great artist from the 80's - Michael himself, Cindy Lauper, Bruce, Bob Dillion, and Barbara Streisand just to name a few. All the big names of today have come together to remake the song and to raise money for another very worthy cause... Haiti. That video hasn't been released yet. I found this video on YouTube and loved the underground flare. I love each of these YouTube artist. No hype - just beautiful singing with a lot of heart.

Give Your Heart to Haiti this Valentines day. This is your opportunity to enjoy many of the local shops and restaurants on Sunday and help Haiti. Grab your Valentine, shop and eat for a good cause. Participating stores and restaurants will donate 10% or more of all proceeds to Doctors Without Borders. Go out and spread the love locally while raising money for Haiti!
{8 Tables,Beverly’s,Brindisi’s,Cantina,Circus Café,Creative Sparks,Dine,Esperanto,Hattie’s,Hidden Garden's Florist,*Impressions,Irish Times
**Saratoga Trunk-closed Sunday - shop on Saturday,The Union Grille,Paper Dolls,Peabody's,Pink Paddock,Pennelle's,*Rockabella - valid all weekend}

Can't make it this weekend? Check out Art from the Heart for Haiti at Mimosa Gallery on February 20 from 5-8. A portion of the proceeds from the art show will go to help Haiti.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

HIS {Valentines Day Part Two}

HIS {Valentines Day Part 2)
HIS {Valentines Day Part 2) by downtownsusiebrown on

You know what he wants. Just add some romance for Valentines sake! Rose petals, bubbly in the bath and in a glass, your ipod docked and playing your favorite music, candles {Moroccan rose pedal topped candle found at Antara Home}, chocolate dipped strawberries {Putnam Market}, sexy lingerie {Frivolous}, and heart boxers {the Gap or Banana Republic } for him...

It's amore...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hers {Valentines Day Part One}

Valentines Day 2010
Valentines Day 2010 by downtownsusiebrown featuring David Yurman jewelry

OK guys. listen up! You want the girl? Or you need to re-kindle a little of that romance from years past? Here are a few of my favorites that are sure to win her over. Roses are a nice, but what we girls really want are things that can be enjoyed and reflect what it is you love about her.

For the gardening enthusiast or eco friendly gal check out Heaven Scent Floral Art for unique and absolutely stunning eco-friendly bouquets. True master pieces.

She's a Lilly girl? This cashmere wrap in every preppy girls favorite color, PINK! Found at Pink Paddock . It will keep her warm and cozy {like she feels in your arms}.

Jewelry a must? David Yurman from Frank Adams never disappoints.

For the hopeless romantic {with a naughty side}. Vueve Clicquot Rose Champagne {Putnam Wine has a great selection of bubbly}, cupcakes from Betties Cakes and Hanky Panky panties found at Frivolous.

She's fun, a little quirky and her style reflects her zest for life {that's why you fell in love with her}. Shoes by Irregular Choice (!) found at Speck Boutique.

You admire all the hard work she does. Spa Cascada or Spa City Spa has tons of Valentine's Day specials for mani/pedis, facials, and lots more!

For the Fashionista who is looking forward to Spring. This dress by French Connection at Violet's is perfect {why not plan a get-away to some place warm for her to where it... now?}

Find the perfect Valentine card and unique wrapping ideas at PaperDolls.

Now get DOWNTOWN and start shopping!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Book Club Night

The girls got together for a lively discussion, good food and a little vino last night. We read and discussed the Saratoga Reads book last month, so no Potato Peel Pie last night. Nope - it' was good 'ol Southern food! This month the pick was The Help by Kathern Stockett. How does my book group work? Not only do we read the book, but we take in the whole experience both intellectually and gastronomically. The Help is a moving book about racial inequality in 1960's Jackson, Mississippi. Some of the characters I loved, some not so much. It's a page turner that really captures the time and made for a great conversation. Food plays an important role in the book and in our gatherings. That is why we had Hattie's fried chicken {hostess provides the main dish} as the main course, along with a few sides, appetizers, wine, and dessert {provided by the other members - thankfully no chocolate pie!}. We have enjoyed almost 10 years of lots of great reads, heated discussions, and most of all ... friendship.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Winter Weekends ... {gift ideas}

The week end started off great and then it didn't and then it did and then it's over and time to start all over again. Ever have one of those?

My family's weekend started by meeting a bunch of our friends out for dinner. Great friends, good chatter, yummy food {that I didn't have to cook} was on the way.... And then my daughter {who looked very pale} came to sit on my lap and {you guessed it} lost it all over the table. A quick thinking dad grabbed the bread basket {only one roll left} almost quick enough for her make some of it in there. Needless to say - our night ended abruptly.

The rest of the weekend was pretty low key for us. Lazy days with some of us staying in our jammies for most of the day {not mentioning any names here}. Along with the sips of ginger ale, naps on the couch, wii games, the Game of Life, movies, and a fire {lots of coffee a little wine and good dinners made by dad}, I lit one of my favorite candles that I picked up at Antara Home. The candles are by Red Flower. The scent is so pure. I chose Spanish Gardenia. It was winter outside, but regardless of the unpleasant aromas the stomach bug can bring, it was Spring inside our home.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

All You Need Is Love & ...

NYC Kitchen/Dining Room
NYC Kitchen/Dining Room by downtownsusiebrown on, friends, laughter, stimulating conversation, good food paired with amazing wine, patience while doing homework, a strong cup of joe and good wifi... Thanks to apartment living all of this will have to happen in our NYC kitchen/dining room. Yes, yes it's also part of the living room - more about that later... We started furnishing the new pad with the basics - a table and chairs were high on my husbands list to get done and thanks to West Elm and their amazing designs we found something that worked functionally for him and design wise for me! Carolyn and Laura {two of my dearest friends who both happen to be interior decorators - lucky me!} support my contemporary vision for the apartment. The above is where I'd like to see it go... A little edgy, yet romantic, yet practical. What do you think?

Monday, January 18, 2010

Yo! I'm Back!

Sorry for the lack of post. I have been a bit busy setting up our pied-a-terre in New York! I always thought this would happen later in life. When the girls were older and on their way off to college. But, my husband isn't that patient. Add that to his carpe diem mentality and voila! We are part-time New Yorkers again! Well..... It's not that easy.... His job {mostly} and our desire to share the city with the girls has open up an opportunity we couldn't refuse.

What does this mean to you???

I can share what I'm finding locally in the Spa City and the Big Apple. And of course have fun with it all... Yes, that means shopping events and giveaways!

A few highlights so far? The Tim Burton exhibit at the MOMA was very cool to my tweens who love to draw. Great exhibit showing how his sketches came to life. A walk over the the Brooklyn Bridge - a great way to take in lower Manhattan. Skating at Wollman Rink {forget the crowds at Rockefeller Center}, and this couch I got at Props of Saratoga. I can finally release my inner Mad Men. I'm excited to embrace a contemporary look for the apartment with the help of Props, my interior design friends, and some New York finds. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Starting 2010 off Slow {Finding Balance}

{Lululemon Yoga Wear found at Reform Pilates}
It was a busy Christmas season. I personally had a lot going on. My hectic schedule continues. DTSB will be off to a slow start while I find the right balance in my life. Husband, kids, spirituality, mom duties, friends, dog, work outs and of course blogging. 2009 was a great year as far as DTSB is concerned. Lots of typing, clicking, uploading, Face Booking, Tweeting, creativity, inspiration, giveaways, and shopping events. DTSB will ease into the new year deliberately yet confidently excited to see what 2010 brings!
Won't you join me???