Saturday, January 23, 2010

Winter Weekends ... {gift ideas}

The week end started off great and then it didn't and then it did and then it's over and time to start all over again. Ever have one of those?

My family's weekend started by meeting a bunch of our friends out for dinner. Great friends, good chatter, yummy food {that I didn't have to cook} was on the way.... And then my daughter {who looked very pale} came to sit on my lap and {you guessed it} lost it all over the table. A quick thinking dad grabbed the bread basket {only one roll left} almost quick enough for her make some of it in there. Needless to say - our night ended abruptly.

The rest of the weekend was pretty low key for us. Lazy days with some of us staying in our jammies for most of the day {not mentioning any names here}. Along with the sips of ginger ale, naps on the couch, wii games, the Game of Life, movies, and a fire {lots of coffee a little wine and good dinners made by dad}, I lit one of my favorite candles that I picked up at Antara Home. The candles are by Red Flower. The scent is so pure. I chose Spanish Gardenia. It was winter outside, but regardless of the unpleasant aromas the stomach bug can bring, it was Spring inside our home.


  1. Pleasant reading while eating my breakfast...hope everyone is feeling better.

  2. love the idea of the candle. A spring touch in the middle of the recovery, really nice! ...Hope all is well by now.