Saturday, February 27, 2010

Unpacking {bye bye white sand, hello white snow}

Had a great vacation in Mexico wearing my Lilly bathing suit from the Pink Paddock and various outfits from Aggie's, Violet's and my old favorite 80 West (miss that store). Will be back blogging next week!

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Friday, February 12, 2010

We Are The World {Help Haiti this Valentines Day}

It is the 25th anniversary of the original "We Are The World" song and video. All proceeds went to help Africa. They raised $67 dollars. I loved the original song written by Michael Jackson and sung by all the great artist from the 80's - Michael himself, Cindy Lauper, Bruce, Bob Dillion, and Barbara Streisand just to name a few. All the big names of today have come together to remake the song and to raise money for another very worthy cause... Haiti. That video hasn't been released yet. I found this video on YouTube and loved the underground flare. I love each of these YouTube artist. No hype - just beautiful singing with a lot of heart.

Give Your Heart to Haiti this Valentines day. This is your opportunity to enjoy many of the local shops and restaurants on Sunday and help Haiti. Grab your Valentine, shop and eat for a good cause. Participating stores and restaurants will donate 10% or more of all proceeds to Doctors Without Borders. Go out and spread the love locally while raising money for Haiti!
{8 Tables,Beverly’s,Brindisi’s,Cantina,Circus CafĂ©,Creative Sparks,Dine,Esperanto,Hattie’s,Hidden Garden's Florist,*Impressions,Irish Times
**Saratoga Trunk-closed Sunday - shop on Saturday,The Union Grille,Paper Dolls,Peabody's,Pink Paddock,Pennelle's,*Rockabella - valid all weekend}

Can't make it this weekend? Check out Art from the Heart for Haiti at Mimosa Gallery on February 20 from 5-8. A portion of the proceeds from the art show will go to help Haiti.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

HIS {Valentines Day Part Two}

HIS {Valentines Day Part 2)
HIS {Valentines Day Part 2) by downtownsusiebrown on

You know what he wants. Just add some romance for Valentines sake! Rose petals, bubbly in the bath and in a glass, your ipod docked and playing your favorite music, candles {Moroccan rose pedal topped candle found at Antara Home}, chocolate dipped strawberries {Putnam Market}, sexy lingerie {Frivolous}, and heart boxers {the Gap or Banana Republic } for him...

It's amore...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hers {Valentines Day Part One}

Valentines Day 2010
Valentines Day 2010 by downtownsusiebrown featuring David Yurman jewelry

OK guys. listen up! You want the girl? Or you need to re-kindle a little of that romance from years past? Here are a few of my favorites that are sure to win her over. Roses are a nice, but what we girls really want are things that can be enjoyed and reflect what it is you love about her.

For the gardening enthusiast or eco friendly gal check out Heaven Scent Floral Art for unique and absolutely stunning eco-friendly bouquets. True master pieces.

She's a Lilly girl? This cashmere wrap in every preppy girls favorite color, PINK! Found at Pink Paddock . It will keep her warm and cozy {like she feels in your arms}.

Jewelry a must? David Yurman from Frank Adams never disappoints.

For the hopeless romantic {with a naughty side}. Vueve Clicquot Rose Champagne {Putnam Wine has a great selection of bubbly}, cupcakes from Betties Cakes and Hanky Panky panties found at Frivolous.

She's fun, a little quirky and her style reflects her zest for life {that's why you fell in love with her}. Shoes by Irregular Choice (!) found at Speck Boutique.

You admire all the hard work she does. Spa Cascada or Spa City Spa has tons of Valentine's Day specials for mani/pedis, facials, and lots more!

For the Fashionista who is looking forward to Spring. This dress by French Connection at Violet's is perfect {why not plan a get-away to some place warm for her to where it... now?}

Find the perfect Valentine card and unique wrapping ideas at PaperDolls.

Now get DOWNTOWN and start shopping!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Book Club Night

The girls got together for a lively discussion, good food and a little vino last night. We read and discussed the Saratoga Reads book last month, so no Potato Peel Pie last night. Nope - it' was good 'ol Southern food! This month the pick was The Help by Kathern Stockett. How does my book group work? Not only do we read the book, but we take in the whole experience both intellectually and gastronomically. The Help is a moving book about racial inequality in 1960's Jackson, Mississippi. Some of the characters I loved, some not so much. It's a page turner that really captures the time and made for a great conversation. Food plays an important role in the book and in our gatherings. That is why we had Hattie's fried chicken {hostess provides the main dish} as the main course, along with a few sides, appetizers, wine, and dessert {provided by the other members - thankfully no chocolate pie!}. We have enjoyed almost 10 years of lots of great reads, heated discussions, and most of all ... friendship.