Monday, April 19, 2010

things that make ME happy.... {beauty}

My new Dermalogica Lip Renewal Complex and Multivitamin Hand and Nail Treatment. These two products have made me very happy. Dry skin has plagued me my whole life. I am constantly looking for a product that will help my sorry Irish, raw red dry hands {pretty - huh?} get the relief they are so craving and I believe I have found it. I've been using it for a week. I am hooked. A little bit goes a long way. I'm also loving the Lip Renewal Complex which really delivers. This has been part of my make-up routine for a couple of months now. It smooths those fine lines around my lips, plumps them up a tad, and keep my lips soft and smooth all day. No more cracked leaky lipstick lips here! Under lipstick or alone - it's a great product to protect your lips from the elements and take a few years off your appearance! Available at Ann- Marie Flores' The Salon, 492 Broadway.

{Just so I'm clear - you are clear... This is purely editorial on my part. This is not a paid endorsement. Everything on DTSB is solely my opinion or the opinion of the guest bloggers. If ever it is a paid endorsement I will list it with the title as "dedicated post"}.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

On The Street with a legend!

It was a uniquely New York moment. Seeing Bill Cunningham on the street. Surreal. I've started many Sunday mornings with the "womens sports page" a.k.a. the NY Times Style section. Now I enjoy the video stream of Bill's "On the Street" photos on the Times website where he highlights the trends he saw while working the beat the prior week.

Mr. Cunningham has been capturing fashion's elite along with the trickle up who walk New York's streets for 50 years. This man is a fashion legend. An icon. At 80 plus years he still rides his bike, takes his photos, and lives his passion. An inspiration. He was generous and interested in my girls. He pointed out Carnegie Hall to them (where he resides in an apartment on top - soon to be converted to music classrooms - I wondered where that would leave him). Telling them it used to be a very bohiemian place to live with lots of artists.

He is now the subject of a documentary, Bill Cunningham New York, which I am anxious to see.

He was gracious, interesting, and patient while I snapped pictures of him. While my dream of meeting him was fullfilled - my other dream of being in the NY Times Style section went unfullfilled. Another important lesson - to be humble while living your dream.

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Monday, April 5, 2010

Future fashionistas {proud mama?!}

What have I created? But, oh my, how cute are they?

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