Sunday, July 25, 2010

Opening Day Weekend = Bee..autiful Hats {and a little humor}!

{my track hat by Jennifer Hoertz. She designs whimsical yet stylish hats - I happen to love my flapper style with the cute little bee's flying around. Find one for yourself at Hunt, Ltd. or Barney's New York.

{played my lucky numbers today and WON!}

{my numbers? 6 and 1. And I won $161 on a $2 exacta box - weird - huh?}

{my daughter's favorite hat. It's good not to take yourself or your fashion too seriously. This stylin' lady was clearly having a fun time at the track and letting her personality shine through! Check out the Saratogian to see who wins the hat contest held at the track today}.


  1. Hi. Are you still blogging? Haven't seen an entry since July and we're updating our website.

  2. I have been wondering the same thing.