Wednesday, August 5, 2009

One Haute Mama {Giveaway Wednesday}

Cora Burns.
Creative, talented, stylish, smart, and one incredible mom. If you haven't heard yet, Cora gave birth to her 4th son on Monday August 3, at the fire station on Lake Avenue {read about it here}. Thanks to America's Bravest and her swift thinking friend Jinny {aren't girlfriends the best?}, Grahm Burns was born quickly {good news to Cora} and safely. How cool is that story for Grahm and his 3 older brothers? She and her new baby boy met up with Dad, Greg, at Saratoga Hospital where everyone is recovering nicely and trying to fathom the turn of events {not your everyday birthing plan!}.
This weeks Giveaway celebrates Grahm's birth and all the new little ones out there. The above Dragonfly Kimino set by Belabumbum and Frog Blanket by Angel Dear from the very hip maternity store Haute Mama {why didn't they have cool clothes like the ones Sarah Otto carries in her store when I was pregnant?}. Make a comment to enter to win. I'll announce the winner on Friday!!!
Another way to celebrate... PaperDolls {Cora is one of the owners of this treasure of a store} is offering 10% off if you tell them "Grahm sent me" at check out.
Can't get enough of these Giveaways? Here's a few more sites worth checking out for more giveaways.'s blog is offering a $150.00 gift certificate to, and Twinkle-Studio's blog has a giveaway on Thursday.
Post a comment to enter to win!
All the best to Cora and her family!!!


  1. What a cool birth story! Congrats to the family! Kudos to the Firefighters!
    Oh, and I love Haute Mama. I've bought clothes there even when I wasn't pregnant!

  2. Perhaps Cora will have little fireman of her own?
    Congrats to her family.

  3. My little ones will love this!!

  4. Love, love that story. So glad everything went well.

    My friend's daughter just moved here (a few blocks away from the Fire Dept on Lake, in fact) with her sweet baby. I'd love to win this for her as a Welcome to Saratoga surprise.

    Thanks a bunch!

  5. I want it ! There's no good clothes over here !

  6. What a great story! The clothes would be PERFECT for one of my 3 PREGNANT FRIENDS!

  7. What a fabulous story and Congratulations Cora, Greg and the boys! I have just put Jinny's number down as my emergency contact!