Sunday, August 2, 2009

Week End Recap

Pretty hats at the track on Opening Day... The rain didn't deter Annette from wearing her Anne Sawyer Hat {a Kentucky Derby Favorite}.

After lunch at Deirdre's {an Opening Day tradition} the stylin' ladies head to the track for some betting!

Shopping Night was a huge success {thanks to this sassy shopper and 70 plus others and the participating stores and spas - more to come later in the week on this fun event that truly showed off the best that Saratoga has to offer}. Liz embraced the sales and all the amazing promotions our local stores and spas offered.

My little helpers dropping off my car load {back seats down and filled to the roof} of donations to B.E.S.T.

Julie Cobello, the Community Liaison Outreach Worker, receiving our donation.

I received an email from Julie after the girls and I dropped off our donation. I wanted to share it with all of you who made this event such a success. "Susan, I had some time this afternoon to organize the donations you brought. I hope you make sure to pass along to the readers of your blog, that their very generous support of the backstretch workers is much appreciated. We filled the shelves with toiletries and towels and blankets. The workers will be happy when we open the doors on Monday. I don't know how you heard about B.E.S.T., but we are really excited about being the recipients of your idea."

Caring for the people who care for the horses.

{there is a continued need for donations for the track workers all during the meet and beyond. They work with the horses and live here in Saratoga Springs until November. Warmer clothes for the colder months will be needed. If you are cleaning out those closets - remember B.E.S.T., 267 Union Ave.}

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  1. Thank you, DTSB, for a fabulous shopping night in your beautiful Saratoga. The event was absolutely worth the trip to town. The discounts and giveaways made it so fun and I love all of my new purchases! Also, the shops were so gracious to us shoppers, offering wine, snacks and free samples along the way - great time! Looking forward to the next:)