Monday, August 3, 2009

My Shopping Night Purchase?

These lovely, feminine yet edgy, sandals by Pink Duchess sold at Lucia. I was able to release a little inner Carrie Bradshaw when I saw these while shopping last week. I'm thrilled that so many of the boutiques are now carrying great shoes {at reasonable prices} that are interesting and modern to go along with the clothes they have. But, wouldn't it be nice to have a whole store with a plethora of styles to choose from? Thanks to the Shoe Depot we have a selection of practical shoes... But, let's face it girls, we aren't always practical! We need heals, straps, zippers, peep toe, wedges, pumps, and color!!!

Any takers...?


  1. What happened to the Shoe Depot? When I first moved here a couple of years ago, they had a fantastic selection of a variety of shoes, sneakers, socks, etc.
    It looks so barren now and every time I go in, I think they're going out of business.
    Do you know what's up over there?

  2. I don't. I've asked - but they are very tight lipped about it and insist that everything is fine when clearly something is up! That's why are even more in need of a real shoe store!