Wednesday, September 16, 2009

3 Kids + 1 Husband + Blog + House + Dog + Me = Time to get Organized

I'm all for my smart phone and google calendar - but sometimes {a lot of times} I just gotta' write it down! This binder by Russell and Hazel from PaperDolls of Saratoga lets me do just that in a very cool and stylish way {v. important}. Love the black and white mod binder, but the accessories is what keeps me on top of who needs what, where and when. Or, where did I see that great top? What website did she say to check out? I needed what at Price Chopper? His appointment is when? You get the idea. They have great inserts for the binder to make it work for you and your needs. Card holders, calendar, line paper, graph paper, recipe pages and much more. Get some school supplies of your own, get organized, and look good doing it!
Check that off the list...


  1. I love mine too!!!!! Need to get back to Saratoga for more inserts (any excuse!).

  2. I just picked up my 2010 calendar. I love this planner because of the custom inserts! Thanks for turning me onto it!