Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mornings... {things that make Me happy}

This print by Made By Girl made me smile. It pretty much sums up my mornings. Now that we are back on a schedule I wake up before the house starts bustling, grab a strong cup of joe and start getting inspired by the many great blogs there are out there. I can get so lost in the cleverness each one offers. The creativity in pictures, art, fashion, decorating, and writing is endless and has made me appreciate how much talent every day people have. We are so lucky to have this blogging tool to share with one another {our cyber community}. So, I was thrilled when this print arrived in the mail and I quickly got it framed {not as lovely as above - but it works for me and my developing office}. I've added more blogs to my Blog List. So grab a cup of coffee and go get inspired!

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