Monday, September 14, 2009

Leggings, oversized sweaters, one shoulder tops, & Fame

You guessed it. The Eighties are Baaaaaack! If you lived it the first time - it's best to leave the neon brights, Madonna bracelets, and little knit leggings to the under 20 crowd. I'm all for embracing trends - but must draw a line when I'm dressing like my 10 yr. old {she looks great in the bright little hoop earrings and leggings... me on the other hand - I wore that when I saw the Go-Go's in '82}. One way for us 80's survivors to tackle the trend without looking like we are trying to relive the glory days is to wear slim dark denim leggings by J Brand. Gwen wasn't strolling Broadway this week, but if she were, she could have found these great fitting jeans {they have a waist band, zipper and pockets!} at Aggie's Boutique. I plan on pairing these denim leggings with a long white ruffle shirt and belt.

Is this a trend you can embrace?


  1. Hi DTSB! My Piperlime email tells me that the over the knee boot is the trend this Fall. Didn't I start that 16 years ago?? I knew that I was stylish!