Monday, September 7, 2009

Back to School {Blogging} Uniform

The hip is replaced {husband}. New clothes, sneakers, and shoes {for the girls} are bought. Pencils, glue, hand sanitizer {no swine flu, please}, notebooks, crayons, rulers, etc. are packed away in new backpacks. It's back to school, back to good health for my family, and back to blogging for me. I look forward to hitting the streets now that Rachel won {filly power!}, summer is over, my husband is on the road to recovery and the girls are back learning the three R's. High on my shopping list this Fall? Boyfriends. Blazers and Jeans - that is. I'm due for a replacement of my own. New jeans and a new hip blazer should do the trick. Join me as a start my second year as Downtown Susie Brown {read first post here} and continue to hit the downtown streets in search of the trends, unique gifts, great clothes and shoes, home accessories and whatever else I may find to share with you!


  1. I'm due for new jeans and a blazer as well. Any tips on shopping for jeans that fit well? I have a very hard time finding ones that look good on me.

  2. Jeans and a blazer - that sounds SOOO wonderfully Fall! You've inspired me again, DTSB :) (Think I might have a vintage mustard blazer from the GAP that could be dusted off. Am I really old enough to have vintage clothing that wasn't vintage the first time around???)

  3. Congrats on a fabulous first year! Love reading your blog! :)