Monday, March 23, 2009

Enhancement Continues with Margyt's Third Look

Margyt dinner with clients 1.jpg
Margyt dinner with clients 3.jpg
Margyt dinner with clients 2.jpg

twinke-studio box resized.jpg{Photos by Niki Rossi Photography}

Feminine, yet sexy and stylish.  This trio, in perfect balance, is what Margyt achieved when we put together this ensemble.  The cap blue top along with the pencil skirt plays up her curves without revealing too much.  It's sliming and sophisticated.  The accessories are the finishing touch.  Simple stylish gold drop earrings, a long gold pendent necklace, stunning cocktail ring and a zebra clutch exude the confidence this girl has!

Don't hide your voluptuous figure under baggy frocks!  When clothes are tailored and fit well on the body the effect is sliming and very pleasing to the eye - just ask her husband!  This is where SPANX comes in handy.  Everyone from every size can benefit from these babies!  Your confidence will shine knowing those bothersome bumps and lumps are under control...  

{Pencil Skirt and top from Violet's, earrings and cocktail ring from, necklace from Aggie's, clutch from Talbot's}

SPECIAL OFFER for all DTSB a local designer who takes vintage jewelry and reworks them to make very cool mod pieces is offering two specials to readers of this blog.  1.) Free earrings with any purchase 2.) Free glass jewelry holder with purchases over $50.00.  All you need to do is put "Downtown Susie Brown" in the notes sections during the transaction.


  1. Wow- she really looks amazing. I have been on the edge of my seat waiting for more updates from DTSB!

  2. I love this look! I need your fashion advice too. What brand of jeans would you recommend for someone who is tall and thin with long legs? I can never find any that are long enough. Help!

  3. Have you ever tried J Brand? They are great and they would look fab on you!