Thursday, March 19, 2009

and after.... Rocker Mom, Margyt! {enhancement}

rocker mom1.jpg
rocker mom 3.jpg

rocker mom with friends.jpg
Rekindle 1.jpg

{photos by Niki Rossi Photography}

Margyt embraces her youthful and laid back spirit.  Let's face it, jeans and t-shirts are the stay-at-home mom's uniform.  The look doesn't have to be all about comfort and function.  It should show off your style and say something about you.  These impeccable fitting jeans paired with an edgy tee, amazingly soft and comfy shrug, hip gold boho earrings, and a bold gold ring subtly tells you Margyt is not about to exchange her urban flair for dowdy looks.

Invest in a great fittinng pair of jeans - trust me, it's worth the investment.  Why throw your money away on 5 poor fitting drab jeans when you can get a pair that fit you fabulously and you feel great in?  There are great choices out there - but you need to get fitted by knowledgable "masters" right here in town.

At the end of the day the Rocker Mom needs to chill out.  Get the kids to bed, pour a glass of wine, turn on some tunes, light some pretty scented candles, and read her favorite blogs.... 

{Jeans, t-shirt, and shrug from Aggie's Boutique.  Earrings and Ring from 80 West.  Candles from the very eco-friendly candle company, ReKindle}.


  1. She looks great!

  2. Margyt, you look fabulous!!

  3. She really does!

  4. DTSB,
    I have not seen my sister(margyt) in 2 months. My jaw dropped when I looked @ your site. I saw how "put together and young she looked"! I love the Rocker Mom look(she also is a rocking MOM). Great job!!!!!!!!!! Gabrielle