Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cosmos with the Girls! Margyt's 4th and 5th Looks! {enhancement}

Margyt cosmos with the girls outfit 1.jpg

margyt aggies top front.jpg
Margyt Aggies top back.jpg

{Photos by Niki Rossi Photography}

The week is over.  It's time to leave the boys behind and go out with the girls.  These two outfits work perfectly for ordering a cocktail, dishing about life, and having some laughs. 

The first ensemble is a silk embellished halter top. Embellishments are a big trend this Spring - look for them on tops, dresses, shoes and bags.  Margyt is ahead of the trend with this flirty top!  The plum short sleeve wrap works beautifully with the wide leg trousers and adds some color against the muted tones.  We added some strappy sandals, a bold bracelet and simple earrings and the look is complete!

{Halter top, wrap, bracelet and earrings are from 80 West.  Trousers from Talbots} 

The second ensemble is a funky but perfectly draped top paired with Margyt's new great fitting jeans.  The top says it all and will surely turn some heads. Cosmo. anyone???  

{Top, jeans, and necklace from Aggie's Boutique}



  1. You chose some fabulous outfits! I love them all...makes me want to come up there to do some shopping!

  2. Yayyy! I wish I could have been there!

  3. Of course, If I may say Margyt looks fabulous! The outfits are terrific, and I know a lot of time and energy went into the making of the her new look. Susan you have great taste and flair, that's why you are DTSB! Her hair hair is amazing, what a big difference!

  4. Great event! Margyt is gorgeous. I appreciated how all outfits bridge more than one season. Good to know where to find pants and jeans for tall women & organic flowers. Thanks, Susan, for taking the leg work out of finding super items downtown.

  5. Susan, can we do a fashion enhancement in my closet??? Returning to professional attire and while i know the look is in there...trying to piece it together again (even with my recent purchases..oh, and i've made many!!!) is a challenge...for me. I need your expertise!