Tuesday, March 3, 2009

things that make ME happy.... {beauty}

balancing-lip-enhancement.jpg... green buds on the trees, the smell of lilacs, a warm {that means anything above 40 F} sunny day, and smooth lips. The first three may be a little while off, but the last one is attainable now {OK - it's a control thing}. I personally LOVE this product. I have forever suffered from dry chapped lips and our long winters don't help. If you are like me and have tried every product known to womankind and would prefer your lips to feel more like silk and less like sand paper - this product is for you! This little miracle tube is ultra-hydrating, reduces fine lines, and adds volume. Available at Spa Cascada, 487 Broadway 2 Floor.
An extra bonus...Tell the girls at Spa Cascada that DTSB sent you and receive 20% off you first spa treatment.

It's time to get ready for Spring!

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