Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Enhancement Experience in Margyt's Words {before photos}

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I asked Margyt to do a write up on the experience, so I could share with you what she got out of this shopping adventure.  Here is what she had to say... In her words.

"It all started so innocently over pizza.  I was asking Ms. Downtown Susie Brown how her blog was developing.  She was bubbling over with creativity and mentioned the possibility of doing a make-over.  I was shocked to hear my own voice offering up my own fashion starved body.  The rest is history.

I was shortly thereafter immersed in a tsunami of scarves, bangles, and pencil skirts.  At first I was overwhelmed by terms which sounded so foriegn to me, ballet slippers, embellishments, SPANX???  I decided to put full trust in my talented friend Susan, whose attention to detail and style always impressed me... It took me downtown.

I learned at the feet of the master and she introduced me to other masters, right here in Saratoga, who knew?  I, a person who normally shunned sales people who asked if I needed help,  was taught to embrace them. The various sales staff I met downtown were delightful and very in tune with what was right for me. Susan took me out of my comfort zone without letting me lose my own identity.  Still not sure how she did it.  I did learn how much  pop a colorful ring, bracelet, or a zebra print clutch could add to an outfit. I did in fact learn about Spanx, this information should not be withheld from any woman {just be prepared to gasp when you open the package - one of our funnier moments}.  I met Maria, a fabulous hairstylist who taught me so much about my own curls, an incredible make up artist and esthetician, Amy Snyder from Spa Cascada, who showed me the true value of well kept eyebrows and blended concealer.

So, here I am a better {looking} Margyt. I may never be a true fashionista, but I do now realize the skill of dressing with fashion, flair and function is an art unto itself. My wardrobe is no longer fashion starved, rather my closet is well nourished. 

Thank you Susan and all the wonderful women I met downtown!"

You've now seen the before, come back and see the AFTER!



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  1. Very nice SusieBrown! Margyt did a great job setting it up! I can't wait to see the results!!!!!!!!!!!