Monday, November 10, 2008

Why it's OK to be 40

Birthday Cake1.) A loving, supportive, incredibly generous, devout and handsome husband.

2.) 3 beautiful girls who dressed their best just to make me happy for my celebration and their beautifully homemade cards and poster.

3.) Sisters (& Mike!)

4.) Nieces who could make it, brothers who couldn't but sent their love, flowers, a special dinner and cards.

4.) Surprises

5.) Old friends

6.) New friends

7.) Champagne

8.) Candice and Crew at the Prime Restaurant at Saratoga National (458 Union Ave) who made the evening elegant, relaxing and fun. The food was delicious and the atmosphere perfect! The fireplace was roaring, big cozy chairs in the bar, a small back room to ourselves with impeccable service. The Sea Bass was mouth watering and you should have seen the size of the steaks! Cooked to perfection. Everyone was happy!

9.) Great dresses at Violet's that made picking one very hard to do but I managed! You really should go check it out - think of all the Holiday parties coming up!

10.) New opportunities through DownTownSusieBrown.

I also have to thank my Mom. Who through her faith and love of family had her 8th baby at 42 and allowed me to follow all my dreams to become who I am today. I love you!

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