Tuesday, November 11, 2008

things that make my KIDS happy...

Cotton Candy at Circus Cafe

Blue Cotton Candy....birthday parties, visits from cousins, days off from school, and a heaping plate of cotton candy with sprinkles on top!

The Circus Cafe' 392 Broadway is a great choice for families. They offer coloring for the kids, a childrens menu, covered kiddie cups (we all know how important that is), and yeeessss, good wine (and we really know how important that is!).

Mom and Dad can actually carry on a conversation, have a very adult and delicious dinner (I especially like the comfort food selections) while the kids are busy coloring, eating the popcorn they bring before you order and checking out the cool Big Top decor. Think retro Barnum & Bailey.

Check it out and satisfy your kids and your inner child!

Oh, and for you singletons.... It transforms into a hip bar scene at night - it's Saratoga's taste of the French Quarter with live music (jazz, or rock or Karaoke - depending on the night), and hip drinks. Cheers to Christel and Colin MacLean who have savvy restaurant style and satisfy so many!

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