Wednesday, October 14, 2009

We Have A Right To Shoes!

We Have A Right To Shoes!
We Have A Right To Shoes! by downtownsusiebrown

Now this is a fashion statement I can stand behind. Thankfully, Laura Farrar owner of Violet's of Saratoga has heard our plea. We have amazing clothing boutiques to shop in all over town. Some of them have started carrying shoes to make up for the lack of choices we have had lately thanks to the Shoe Depot's dwindling stock. But, Ladies, I am hear today to tell you that come Spring 2010 we will have one store fully stocked with pumps, flats, booties, wedges, and kitten heals in all colors and sizes! Who better than Laura to take on this endeavor? She already owns and operates one of the most successful stores in town - so I'm sure her venture into shoes will be done right. A free standing store offering all the best styles at the right prices ... Downtown! Thanks, Laura for hearing us and delivering! Good Luck!


  1. Yes, we do have a right to shoes... that fit! I have to shop at Target for shoes around here because it's the only place that has shoes and boots in size 11. Unless I want to live in my Birkenstocks or Dansko clogs, that is. Gotta love the patent leather and the velvet Danskos, tho...
    - Andrea