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The Quest for Lushes Lashes {Beauty Tips by Maria}

Lushes lashes
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Mascara Facts: Did you know that Maybelline sells a tube of Great Lash mascara every 1.9 seconds somewhere in the world? It continues to be the number one selling mascara of all time. My First? Maybelline Very black. Mascara is still the product of choice for me. I wouldn't walk out the door without wearing it. I've tried them all… from retailer and department store brands, from high to low end. It all comes down to finding the right wand/brush for your lash type. The most cutting edge product out there currently for mascara is a product called Blinc {a favorite of DTSB}. Blinc mascara forms tiny little water-resistant tubes around each lash. So, you can cry your eyes out, go from work to the gym, have an allergy attack and your lashes will look just as good as they did when you first applied it. Blinc will not smudge, flake or run… How cool is that? Find it at Spa Cascada.

Mascara Tips:

1.) When you first open the mascara. Don't pump the wand to prime it every time you use it. This pushes air into the tube which causes bacteria, and dries the mascara out.
2.) For a daytime application I prefer mascara to the upper lashes only. If you're applying to the Lower lids, hold the brush vertical for an easier application. Keep Q-tips on hand for quick clean ups. My pet peeve...mascara dots. If you have wide set eyes apply more toward the nose when finished, close set eyes more on the outer 1/3. Eyes too round? Mascara only on the outer 2/3.
3.) Mascara should be tossed away after 6 months anyway.

There are a new field of products out there that actually grows and enhances lashes. And you thought you had to be born with long and lushes lashes! These products promote the growth of new and healthier lashes. I recommend the natural, over the counter approach found at Spa Cascada. Amy carries Neulash. Neulash is a cosmetic grade protein in liquid form that when applied at night to the lash line this product will promote a healthier, longer, darker and stronger lash in just 4 weeks. Set up time with Amy to learn more about this product and check out to see if this product is right for you.

Can't wait 4-6 weeks for lash growth, and need lashes NOW! There's always extensions, tints,fills,and faux lashes. Extensions are quite pricey and are a big commitment. But aren't all Diva's? If you want a quick, less expensive way to get lush lashes, faux is for you. You can purchase them anywhere. Sally Beauty Supply, Target, and Rite-Aid. They come individually, demi's, and full strips depending how demure or dramatic you want to look. Practice makes perfect. Use a white glue that dries clear, this won't show mistakes. Toothpicks will allow for guiding the amount of glue on each lash. A Tweezerman slanted tweezer is a sure and steady grab for placing. Always start on a clean oil free lid. You may want to add a pencil liner first. This help's the glue stick to the lid. Our natural oils break down glue. When using individuals or demi's, a pencil liner works best. A liquid liner can be applied after the full strip of lashes has been placed for the most dramatic effect.

One more tip before I end… I told you I am lash obsessed…Do you want a better way to make your lashes stay curled all day? Warm your lash curler! You wouldn't curl your hair with a cold curling iron! Simply run your blow dryer a few seconds on your lash curler. (test first on the back of your wrist a few times). Always curl a clean lash, prior to mascara, otherwise lash curler may pull lashes. My picks for lash curlers are: Laura Mercier. Try her pinch free version it's new for $16.00, or Tweezerman's Pro-Curl curler for $20 @ Sephora.

I will continue buy the latest mascara's and gadget's. I will always be in search of the perfect mascara. I will always have on hand a tube of Maybelline Great Lash mascara in very black just in case the new ones don't work out - the classics always do...

- Maria


  1. This was soooooo helpful! I just thought to myself this morning my mascara sucks!

  2. "warm my lash curler with my blow dryer"... had to chuckle... I don't own either! But Great Lash does rule. Some things in beauty are constant.