Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Meet Maria {Beauty Tips by Maria}

I am thrilled to announce that Maria {one of my enhancement partners and dear friend} will be a guest contributor on DTSB. Maria has years of experience in the beauty industry. She worked for Redken/Pureology as a Salon Development Manager, Regional Sales/Education Trainer, Color Specialist, and worked behind the scenes at numerous hair shows. Maria is married and has a daughter. Like me, she may have left the working world but her passion for fashion and all things beautiful lives on... I asked her if DTSB could tap into some of her beauty secrets. She agreed. So listen up girls while we uncover exactly why she looks so darn {kids reading} good and how we can too. She has a plethora of tips to share and will tell you how to find them locally... Enjoy her first installment!!!


My beauty budget is spent primarily on my face. Every 3-4 weeks I painstakingly get a TCA (trichloroacetic acid) peel or an oxygen facial. I follow up at home with Retin A and vitamin C cream. I do all this just to combat the signs of aging. Sound familiar? Lately, I've noticed the trends of celebrities in the 40+ category with their bangs cut. They look fabulous! Whether you like Kathy Lee Gifford or not, adding bangs has taken years off her looks! Sooooo, I grabbed my shears and I started cutting. I haven't had bangs in yeeeears. VOILA...done. I looked younger instantly. If I had known it was that easy I would have done it sooner. My smile lines seemed to wane. Even a neighborhood kid said I looked like Selena Gomez {Hello...She's 16! I'll take that as a compliment, thank you very much!} The bang theory was catching on. After my hair colorist saw my new look, she decided to cut hers. Yes, I can cut my own bangs, but the rest I leave to my own favorite stylist Shannon DelGado, owner of Sanctuary Salon on Railroad Place. DTSB has embraced the trend too.

Will I continue with the peels and facials? You bet. But if you are like me and looking for a quick inexpensive way to take years off your looks without breaking the bank - try the big bang theory for yourself and look years younger today...

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  1. I used the herbal conditioner and shampoo as a leave in/moisturizer for my rod set. The results after taking out my rollers were soft bouncy curls with no frizz.