Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Gala Week!

Gala-Invitation-09.jpgBusy week.  Girls are back home {yipeee - missed them so!}, family visiting {love sharing our town with our loved ones even if it keeps me from blogging!}, working on an exciting project, and it's Gala Week!  The New York City Ballet opened last night {another yippeee!} and The Gala is Saturday.  Thanks to my creative and witty friend, Molly,  she makes the ballet gala stress-free for many of us.  Find a dress {I'm here to help!}, get the nails done, line up the sitter, make an hors d'oeuvres or dessert to share, make sure my significant other is sufficiently suited {in my case - don't forget the cane!} and off we go to what is always a memorable {especially if you keep the cocktails to a minimum} night. If it's your first time experiencing the ballet gala on the great SPAC lawn... Here are some tips from my friend and a gala picnic pro... "Buy performance tickets after confirming forecast.  Bring some rolling device for transport.  Prepare for conditions, high heels get stuck in the mud, bugs bite and glass breaks.  Blankets are nice on the slope to watch the ballet and chairs help ease tired toes".  And a few disclaimers {she is a lawyer}... "Satisfaction Almost Guaranteed.  Not responsible for lost or misplaced items including significant others.  Injuries incurred on the dance floor or elsewhere are due to an act of God and are signs that it may be time to switch drinks or dance floors..."  This is an event that cannot be missed in Saratoga.  It appeals to everyone and you will see everything {best of all - the amazing NYC Ballet}.  Ballet, friends, good food and drink, fireworks, and dancing for the common folks - not just the ballerinas - in 3 different tents.  Grab your picnic blanket, a bottle of champagne, put on that LBD and kick off the summer season SARATOGA STYLE! 



  1. DTSB, I like the Fitzgerald card in the background!!!

  2. Will be there with bells on... oh what to wear...what to wear --- sparkly or subdued ---oh what the heck going with the glitz!!!