Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Game Plan {Map it Out}

{play around with the map to see all the stores participating and what they offer inside}

While the boys are watching "the game" or the Breeders Cup, we need to have a game plan of our own. So map it out! Decide where your 12 places will be ahead of time. It's been a long week of H1N1, elections, work, kids, school, and just life in general. Time for some good-'ol escapism. Art, dance, fashion, community support, good food, cocktails, laughs, and friends. Come out and remember just how good life can be and celebrate our killer shopping town. Plus, it's all for a good cause. Join me Friday night at Mimosa Gallery for the kick-off party to see what you can shop for on Saturday, take in some art, and see a little ballet. Can't do a two - nighter? That's OK - you can still shop and join the fun on Saturday. Pick up your coupon book Saturday at Aggie's Boutique or Mimosa Gallery then spend a glorious day in the Spa town. DON'T MISS the GIVEAWAY party at Tiznow. Drop off your validated punch card at PaperDolls, 80 Henry Street then go next door to TIZNOW for a huge GIVEAWAY PARTY!!! I will begin raffling of prizes that include handbags, sweaters, goodie bags, jewelry, AND MORE SHOPPING SPREES! Hunt, Ltd will be offering a $500.00 SHOPPING SPREE! I have a total of $2000.00 worth of prizes - but you have to be in it to win it!

Come out and play!!!


  1. SOOOOO excited!!!

  2. See you tomorrow night! Love the map, you are getting soooo computer savy!!!!

  3. Sorry to miss all of the fun. I'll celebrate in London with Ellen Bennett this week and take her to Harrods!