Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Get you Hair Ready for the Holidays {beauty tips by Maria}

{The beautiful and talented Ann-Marie Flores at her salon on Broadway} {Ann-Marie and her team made the Violet's girls more fabulous for the kick-off party}
American women love their shampoo. We shampoo everyday, sometimes twice a day. Our chic European friends only shampoo once a week {think of all that time saved}! Americans also love a lot of lather. Here's a little known fact... Shampoo doesn't need a high lather content to cleanse properly. It's actually more gentle for our hair and scalp to have a low lather content. American women have a hard time purchasing shampoos that don't lather, therefore, the companies add detergents for us lather-head obsessed Americans.
Let's talk about pH. Proper pH for hair, skin and scalp should be between 4.5 and 5.5 acid balanced. Water is neutral at 7 pH, as is baby shampoo. So are tears. This is why baby's don't cry when they get baby shampoo in their eyes. Works for the little tykes, but not for us because it is not the best for our hair and hair color. Some retail brand shampoos are as high in alkalinity as pH of 9. Ouch! Think cleanser or perm solution. Not what you want to use to keep your hair color from fading. I highly recommend professional salon shampoo and conditioners and products which are acid balanced and won't damage your hair or scalp.
Warning: I'm sure you've noticed your favorite salon brand {Redken or Bumble and Bunble} in CVS alongside the Suave, Pantene and the others? Before you think you've found a deal, here's the skinny. Those salon products are "diverted", or black marketed. Diversion is a billion dollar industry the beauty business is fighting everyday. Those products can be up to two years old, and could have switched hands six times before you purchase it for your use. They are not any less expensive than in the salon, and are not guaranteed. Please, STOP and put it down. Purchasing that product hurts your local salon/stylists/business owner. When visiting your local salon for your haircut or color, ask your stylist for their personal recommendation for your hair type. They will be more than happy to give you consultation for home haircare.

I've known Ann Marie Flores for 15 years. She owns the Ann Marie Flores the Salon on Broadway. Not only is she highly skilled in her craft, she commands perfection from her team. She stocks an abundance amount of Redken products for you to pamper yourself at home with. You will have beautiful, shiny hair just in time for Christmas. I can promise you! For an extra treat - book an appointment for an up-do or a blow out for you next Holiday get-together.


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