Thursday, December 4, 2008

Here's the scoop ...

In my constant and humble quest for perfection, I've made a few updates to my blog. I'm sure there will be more to follow - but just wanted to be sure you are benefiting from all the DTSB has to offer!

1.) Sign up for my e-mail subscription. By doing so you will be e-mailed when I do a new post. Why waste all that precious time and energy typing more keys then one has to? I'd rather you sign up as a follower or forward it to some friends or make a comment ... You got the hint - right?

2.) DTSB AT YOUR FINGERTIPS : I've added all the stores I frequent and have mentioned in my blog that have websites - just click on their name and off you go! So, if you can't make it downtown, especially with all those nasty snow storms on their way, DTSB will bring downtown to you! I'll schlep through the snow for you... You're welcome... ;-) ...

3.) Like I mentioned - PASS IT ON! Please forward my blog to other friends in the area or out of town. The beauty of the Internet is if they see something they may like they can call the store or order it on line! We are all connected in the cyber world!

4.) Looking for a specific gift? Need some suggestions on where to find a trend? Need some style tips??? I'm here to help. If you have a question and don't feel comfortable making a comment on the blog, please email me directly at I'll answer your questions and either e-mail you directly or do a post on your topic (I can do it annonymously if preferred).

Have a beautiful and productive Monday!

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