Tuesday, December 1, 2009

For the Tween in Your Life

My daughter turned 11 last week. She is officially a tween. High on her birthday wish list were things like iPhones, laptops, and a flat screen t.v. for her room {gotta' a love a girl who can dream}. No more dolls, bikes, and puppies. Nope, we've moved on to the next level. Thankfully, she is very girly. She also listed hoop earrings {we compromised with small glittery ones from Silverado not the large Jennifer Lopez style ones she envisioned!} and the above necklace. We saw it one day while shopping for a birthday gift for another friend at G. Willikers. It's the coolest piece of jewelry for this age group. It should be. The design by M3 Girl Designs is the brainchild of another tween from Texas. She came up with the idea of recycling bottle caps {very green}, paints cool designs on them and turns them into magnets so they can be interchanged as often as your little tween's mood changes {yes - they offer that many charms}. The choker necklace comes in a few different colors {black, pink or bright blue}, has a small metal pendant that the charms attach to and costs around $8. Charms {also about $8} have all different themes {birthday, peace, love, animals, holiday, etc.}. It's the perfect birthday gift or stocking stuffer for your tween, it won't break the bank and is age appropriate!

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  1. What a simple and neat thing. All it takes is a little imagination....