Monday, April 20, 2009

Thank You Notes...

vera wang thank you orange.jpg

{Vera Wang Stationery found at PaperDolls of Saratoga.  Love this orange print - crisp and clean yet a mod update to classic stationery}

These are high on my to-do list this week.  I have many people to thank for their out pouring of  love and friendship during these last couple of weeks.  Community means more to me now than it ever did.  I wanted to be sure I thanked my on-line or cyber community as well.  I have been deeply moved by your notes of support, sympathy and friendship.  You may not recieve a hand written note, because many of you I only can reach here.  I truly appreciate your loyalty and encouragement during this difficult time.  We are so blessed in the 21st century.   We can be in contact with our local community, our past communities, and our cyber communities with the touch of a few buttons.  I embrace it and thank you for becoming a part of my cyber community. 

Have a great week on and off line!


  1. These are great...I love the orange.

  2. Wish we had a Ben and Jerry's in Syracuse:(

  3. Paper Dolls is the GREATEST STORE! For anyone who loves paper, scrapbooking, fun, neat little beautiful accessories...this store is amazing!! Plus the owners are soooooooo kind!!! Who doesn't love a neat little note card???