Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Stay-cation... {things to do}


We are home this week.  The girls are off from school, so its a great time to embrace our town.  Saratoga is known for it's horses, so we took a drive around Saratoga Lake and over to the horse farms to see the newly born foals.  It's absolutely beautiful.  To see these amazing creatures and their thoroughbred moms with the green rolling hills {I even noticed a few bushes bright yellow with forsythia!} is a good reminder of what Spring is all about - new life.  It's worth the drive over.  It's free, it's gorgeous, and you all take a mental vacation...  Pack the kids in the car and take a drive... You can thank me later... 


  1. What a beautiful way to spend the day....if only I didn't have to work:(

  2. I know what the Foxs boys are doing tomorrow!!!!
    Thanks for the idea!!