Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Here's To Colorful Beginnings...

the first family.jpg
{photo from the Huffington Post}

They went for optimism. They went for COLOR! Loved the First Lady's
dress {Isabel Toledo - a Cuban-American designer}. Elegant, regal,
fresh, bright and welcoming {like a ray of sunshine}. She has
impeccable taste. She knows what she likes and what looks good on her.
Gotta' love a confident woman who likes to have fun with fashion {the
bling around her neck and the green J. Crew gloves}. I admire and
applaud her for her support of American designers - fashion is
a business too. I also give high kudos to the girls Malia and Sasha. As
my 6 year old said tonight "they were dressed appropriately". She is
right. The choice of bright hues in cuts befitting a 10 year old and 7
year old picked from an amazing American catalog company {J.Crew}
shows that Michelle is a mother who knows how little girls should dress
without breaking the bank to do it. The perfect message all around...

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