Monday, October 27, 2008

Where does a Recessionista shop Downtown?

Shoes from Lioness on Beekman StreetOK - the news is depressing. We all have to change our ways and tighten our belts (just make sure they are the skinny patent ones - preferably in a violet) and be more creative with our shopping. Notice I didn't say stop - I said creative and I don't mean the taking from Peter to pay Paul kind of creative! I mean going out and find the look you want at the price you can afford. Isn't the hunt half the fun? I learned from the best - my Mom! I'm here to help... Lioness (closed Monday's and Tuesday's) a great new consignment-vintage boutique celebrated their grand opening at 30 Beekman Street last Friday. The consignment shop is set up to give you the feel that you are shopping in a well merchandised boutique at a fraction of the price the typical "experience" will cost you! They sell both men's and women's clothing and accessories. I found the above shoes for $22.00 - totally loving the plaid and the button.
So, out with the Diva's and in with the Recessionista's..... it's time to take our shopping and saving more seriously.... Hunting anyone?

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