Wednesday, October 1, 2008

KNOT ready for a jacket? TIE on a SCARF!

Soft Tone Wraps from MimosaThese beautiful soft tone wraps are made from 100% Bamboo! They are extremely soft, warm and cozy - just what we need on these chilly nights. Knot around your neck or wear as a wrap - they drape perfectly and will never lose their shape, $110 Mimosa (70C Beeckman Street)

Yellow Scarf from Aggie'sAggie's (454 Broadway) and Violet's (482 Broadway) offer chunkier styles that work great now with a sweater and will transition perfectly when the dreaded winter coat is needed! Both stores offer scarves ranging from $36 - $48.

Plaid Scarves from Violet's in downtown Saratoga SpringsThere is that oh-so -in plaid again! A cheap way to update your look!
Violet's (482 Broadway)

Jewel toned ScarvesWe can all use some color when the grey days settle in. Speck (353 Broadway) and 80 West (80 West Circular) offer a rainbow of choices. $18- $30

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